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  The MonsterDiets™ were developed and tested in conjunction with research conducted at various zoological breeding facilities in the U.S. and Central America. The diets are designed to promote superior performance and growth by providing an optimum balance of high-quality protein and fiber. Studies have demonstrated that animals fed this particular protein/fiber ration exhibited both increased growth performance and survivability in later years. The MonsterDiets™ are nutritionally complete diets, combining a unique blend of highly-digestible, natural ingredients with the proper balance of vitamins and minerals needed to facilitate good health. All the diets are formulated with an optimum Calcium/Phosphorous ratio to help prevent Metabolic Bone Disease, and all contain stabilized Vitamin C to enhance immune function.  

We strive to build our business around a strategy of innovative nutrition. Foods that provide for proper nutrition help to bring value to life for both man and animals.

Our pet and zoo diets, including the MonsterDiets™, are directed toward improving nutrition for our beloved companion animals and precious wildlife. Through our involvement in the biomedical community, we work to develop research diets aimed at assisting in the resolution of human illness and disease. The aquatic diets we develop for use in aquaculture help to provide an assortment of healthy, nutritious seafood for human consumption.

Our Team is committed to serving your nutritional needs. Quality is of utmost importance to us, whether it be through the value of a product or the integrity of a relationship. We understand that our success depends, not only on the performance of our products, but more importantly, on the strength of relationships established with our customers and suppliers.

We look forward to being a part of your success and welcome all opportunities to improve.

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